The VVGS Ark - The Ultimate Shipping Protection


Do you have Shipping Anxiety?

Don't want to ship your favorite/best POP to THE VVGS to get graded because you are scared that the post office or other carrier will destroy it?  It has happened to us all (or will at some time).

THE VVGS has experienced this as well - and we set out to create a way that you can have the peace of mind that you are using the best possible method to ship your valued POPs.

Our solution is THE VVGS Ark.  And the only way you can get one of these babies is to get one (or two) of your POPs graded.


What is THE VVGS Ark and how does this work?

THE VVGS Ark is a hard-sided case with unique foam inserts that cradle either one or two of your favorite POP(s) in luxury.  We protect your POP both on the trip to us (ungraded) and on the trip back to you (graded).

When you purchase the Ark Shipping Experience, you get these extras, all included in a single price:

  • Ground shipping via UPS - three ways:  From us to you (empty).  From you to us (ungraded POPs).  And then from us back to you (graded POPs).
  • Additional insurance (a total of $300.00 for one POP; $500.00 for two POPs).
  • Expedited Service (a total value of $40 for two POPs) when we receive your shipment.  You go to the front of the line for grading.
  • You get to re-use the durable, hard-sided, weatherproof, foam-lined Ark case (hopefully to send more POPs in to be graded).

As you can see in the picture on the right, we provide two spaces in the Ark. This is how you send your POPs to us.  You can send one of two ways:

  • Send one of your POPs, even in a hard stack protector, and we can then return your graded POP and the protector, or...
  • Send us two of your POPs and we will return them both in the Ark.  We can even return soft-sided protectors, but cannot return your hard stacks if you send two POPs.

Using our unique modular foam spacers, we can configure the Ark to protect ungraded or graded POPs.  See if any other case out there can do that.  It's pretty cool. 

Anyone smart enough to read this far can figure out that you can save a bunch of money by sending two POPs.  Also, if they are in the Ark, you don't have to use a hard stack protectors.


Sounds pretty good, but what does all this cost?

Pricing for the Ark Shipping Experience

  • The first time you use the Ark Shipping Experience the cost is $150.00 for one POP and $200 for two POPs (it doesn't take a genius to figure out how good of a value it is to get two done at the same time, and that way your POPs don't get lonely).

  • For any repeat use of the Ark (being that you now own it) the price is reduced to $100 for one POP and $150 for two POPs.  All of the shipping, insurance and Expedited Service is still included.

Obviously it makes a great deal of sense to get two done at the same time and save some serious money.

Just follow the link below to our Shopping Page.

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