The Vinyl Vault Grading System (VVGS) - Protects and Secures Funko POPs.

Certify the condition of your Funko POP!, protect it, secure it, and display it in a clear acrylic case - Buy one today!

What is the Vinyl Vault Grading System (VVGS)?


The Vinyl Vault Grading System (VVGS)

You can now permanently protect your POP! investment.  We can add value to your Funko POP! by grading it and putting it in our sealed Vinyl Vault.  Here is what that offers: 

  • For Authenticity, using our copyrighted grading system, we rate your POP! so that you, and others, actually know how good the condition is.
  • For Protection, we encase your POP! in a strong, sealed acrylic case (also copyrighted)  that protects it from handling, the elements, and alteration.
  • For Confirmation, by using the QR code on the back of the vault, we display your personal web page describing your graded POP! (yeah, we copyrighted that too).
  • For Beauty, we display your POP! in a crystal clear acrylic case that shows every side of your POP!, thus showing off the entire POP!, including any signatures that may appear on any panel.

Introduction to the VVGS Video

The Vinyl Vault

This is the centerpiece of the VVGS.  This is a 2mm thick acrylic case that is custom-made for a 4" Funko POP!

  • Crystal clear acrylic.
  • Durable and strong.
  • All six sides of the POP! are able to be viewed.  This is great for displaying signatures.
  • Sealed to insure integrity.

Graded POP with Certificate of Authenticity

What's in the box?!?

Here is a list of what is actually shipped back to you.  This is what's in the box!

  • Your POP! encased in our Vinyl Vault.
  • The grading information is clearly visible from inside the vault.  This includes the grade, the name of the POP!, and notation of any exclusive/limited stickers.
  • The QR code (on the back) used to access your individual, personal certification page on our website.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the grader.  There is also a wax seal that contains the VVGS logo.

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