We are THE original experts when it comes to grading Funko POPs.

The only thing we grade is Funko POPs - nothing else.  We now also grade 6" (currently out of stock) and 2 Pack Funko POPs.

The wait is over. We are now grading 4", 6" and 2 Pack Funko POPs.

At this time, we are out of 6" capsules, but they are on order.  Check back here or drop us a message for updates.

We have graded them all!

You can trust us to handle your POPs with extreme care, no matter what they are worth.  We treat every one like it is ours.

Signed POPs are a specialty!

We distinguish signed/verified POPs with our Gold label.  Extremely Rare is Platinum, Custom is Purple and Standard is Blue.

Our ARK will protect two of your 4" POPs from uncertain carrier handling.

We offer an (almost) indestructible cases to ship your precious POPs.

Nothing is too good to protect your grails.

We accept bulk orders - and even give discounts.

If you have 10 or more POPs you want graded, send us an email and we will hook you up.  Discounts increase with each 10 POPs.