Shipping us your POP!


You have to get your POP! to us.

Before we can grade your POP!, you have to ship it to us. It is your responsibility to package, and ship your POP! to us at your expense.  Follow the information below to learn the best method for packing and shipping your POP!.  We always would recommend that you ship your POP to us wrapped in bubble wrap, as we do NOT recommend shipping them to us in a POP protector, either soft-sided or hard sided.  We CANNOT return POP Protectors, and it doesn't make any sense for us to return your protectors as it costs more to send them back that it does to just buy new ones.


Packing your POP!

We recommend that your pack your POP! like this:

  • Wrap your POP! in bubble wrap, taping as needed.  We use 3 feet of 3/16" bubble wrap, 12" wide.  DO NOT put tape directly on the POP! as that may cause the POP! to receive a lower grade.  Tape the bubble wrap only to itself.
  • Use a corrugated box that is at least 8x6x5 inches.
  • Use newsprint or other packing material to cushion your POP! on all sides.  Pack it enough that it does not move inside the box, but do not over pack.
  • Tape your box using high quality packing tape.
  • Label it clearly with both your return address and our address.
  • You can get all of these supplies at WalMart or any office supply store.


Shipping your POP!

We recommend that you use the shipping method that is most convenient for you.  The condition of the POP! when it arrives is determined more by the way it is packed than who actually is used to ship it.  UPS and USPS are both good methods to ship, as well as Fedex and DHL.  We use UPS quite a bit.  Also, for convenience there is usually a UPS store somewhere close by.  They will actually pack it and ship for you - obviously at a price.  Remember to add additional insurance to your package if you are shipping a valued POP!

Ship to us at:


1761 Ashburn Drive

Delaware, OH 43015