Grading Policy

THE VVGS reserves the right to grade any POP according to the company's grading process and the decision of the grade is at the discretion of THE VVGS and is not negotiable.

The customer agrees that the decision of the grade given to any product is final.  Even in the situation where the grade assigned is NG (Not Gradable) the customer understands that THE VVGS has the right to make that decision and this does not exempt the customer from paying the complete agreed upon grading price, and no refunds will be given for any grade (see Policy on Returns, Exchanges, and Refunds below).


Returns, Exchanges and Refunds Policy

Returns are allowed if there is any defect in the Ark (the acrylic case), or if there is any mistake on the labels applies to the Ark.  In any case, THE VVGS must agree that the Ark is defective, or that the label actually contains mistakes.  If THE VVGS agrees that there is a defect or mistake, it will be corrected, and shipping will be paid for (both directions) by THE VVGS.  THE VVGS will make it right!  Please contact us prior to returning, so we can issue your pre-paid shipping label and make sure we understand that your shipment is on its way.

Exchanges are only allowed at the discretion, and approval of, THE VVGS.

Refunds will only be allowed if we are notified and no work has been begun on the grading of the product.  In this situation, shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer.  All refunds must be approved by THE VVGS.

In any case, please contact THE VVGS at the phone number or email listed below and let us know what your situation is and what you are expecting.  We do everything reasonable to exceed your expectations.