Grading Scale

The different grades that are used by THE VVGS

          10.0    Gem (this is perfect)

           9.9     Mint

           9.8     Mint

           9.6     Near Mint

           9.4     Near Mint

           9.2     Near Mint

           9.0     Near Mint

           8.5     Very Fine

           8.0     Very Fine

           7.5     Very Fine

           7.0     Very Fine

           6.5     Fine

           6.0     Fine

           5.5     Fine

           5.0     Fine

           4.5     Very Good

           4.0     Very Good

           3.5     Good

           3.0     Good

           2.5     Fair

           2.0     Fair

           1.5     Poor

           1.0     Poor

           NG     Not Gradable

A grade of NG-Not Gradable indicates that either the POP!, the insert,

or the box is not able to be identified, or if all three do not match. 

Grading is at the sole discretion of THE VVGS.  All gradings are final.

No refunds will be made based on the grade that was received,

including a grade of Not Gradable.  


Identifying the Category of you Graded POP

There are various types of grading categories for POPs.

Different POPs have different characteristics.  Each of these different types of POPs is described below.  So that we can demonstrate these differences, we provide different colors of grading labels for each.  Scroll down to see examples of the different labels we currently use.

What are the different grading categories of POPs?



This is what we consider our normal grading category.  All POPs that are unchanged from how they would be purchased in a store are in this category and are identified by blue grading labels.



If you have a POP that has been signed, and is properly documented as being that person's signature, they will be identified by gold grading labels.  These must have been witnessed by a THE VVGS team member, or be accompanied by documentation specifically designating that this was signed by the signer.

SIGNATURE (Not Verified)


If you have a POP with a signature, but do not have any documentation or proof that it was actually signed by the signer, then your grading will be identified by green grading labels.

CUSTOM (Intentionally altered)


This category is for any POP that has been intentionally customized or altered.  For these POPs, they will be identified by purple grading labels.